Support Student Success

Our in-school support teams are committed and talented providers who offer a wide range of wrap-around support services to our students, families, schools and community. From guidance counselors and school nurses to substitute teachers and speech pathologists, we work as one team with our teachers and school leaders to ensure Every Child Succeeds.

Some of our Student Support roles include:


Our kids deserve individualized support. Paraprofessionals are in the classroom every day collaborating with our teachers, working with students and developing their own career.

Guest Teachers / Substitutes

Our kids need excellent instruction every day — even when their teacher’s out sick. Guest teachers fill a critical need for both our teachers and our students. Click here to learn more about guest teaching.

School Psychologists/Social Workers

Our kids’ lives are complicated. These roles provide comprehensive social-emotional supports for the Whole Child and some extra care for our kids who need it the most.

School Counselors

School counselors help kids think big and provide the supports to make their dreams a reality.

Occupational Therapists

Occupational Therapists are in the classroom every day working in close partnership with teachers to help students thrive.

Extended Learning

Our kids need learning opportunities that extend past the school bell. Team members in this role provide the before- and afterschool support that parents depend on.

Speech Language Pathologists

Team members in this role help our students speak clearly, and understand and use vocabulary in order to have successful outcomes in academics.

School Nurses

School nurses help our kids feel better and get the health care they need in school by caring for their daily needs and thinking strategically about their long-term health.