Central Support

DPS is focused on creating teams that puts our efforts where it matters most: creating classrooms that are vibrant centers of learning, where caring teachers are engaging their students in rigorous, culturally responsive experiences so that all children excel.

There are a variety of opportunities to support our kids and educators outside of the classroom. Some of our Central Office Support departments include:

Culturally Responsive Education

This team aims to support educators in building and strengthening teaching skills that offer students a cross-cultural or multicultural setting. Teachers using this method encourage each student to relate course content to his or her cultural context.

Roles with our Culturally Responsive Education team include:

  • Regional Specialist, Math

  • Regional Specialist, Literacy

  • Curriculum Specialist

  • Executive Program Director

Department of Technology Services

The mission of the Department of Technology Services (DoTS) is to be a proactive partner enabling the success of every child. Team members do this by supporting our students, families and staff with the infrastructure, tools, data and support to enable effective educators and efficient operations.

There are more than 150 members of the DoTS team, with roles including:

  • School Technology Partner

  • Software Developers

  • Data Modelers

  • Network Administrators

  • Technical Trainers

English Language Acquisition

Our English Language Acquisition (ELA) programs support nearly 25,000 students who come to DPS from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds so that they can participate equally and meaningfully in the classroom. The ELA department and school staff are available to help parents understand these services and recommend programs best suited to the unique needs of their child.

Roles within the English Language Acquisition team include:

  • ELA Coordinator

  • Instructional Services Advisory Specialist

  • Network Partner

  • Teacher Education Specialist

  • Strategic Projects

Human Resources

Just as in other industries, our Human Resources department supports schools and departments across the district and is a critical component of employee well-being. HR responsibilities include benefits & wellness, hiring, onboarding, compensation, as well as growth & development.

Roles within the Human Resources team include:

  • Talent Acquisition Specialist

  • HR Generalist

  • Compensation Specialist

  • Project Manager

  • Benefits Administrator