Opportunities to Teach

We know every one of our students comes to us with talent, potential and dreams – and developing, growing and encouraging each one begins with a great teacher. Regardless of where our kids live, how much money their parents make, their ability level or the color of their skin, every child deserves a high-quality education led by a teacher who provides excellent instruction, high expectations and unwavering support. We honor native-language instruction, support culturally responsive education in every classroom and celebrate the diverse heritages and cultures of all of our kids and all members of Team DPS.

Denver Public Schools is committed to finding high-quality candidates. We are looking for educators who:

  • Effectively manage student classrooms and environments by cultivating meaningful relationships with students and families.
  • Consistently communicate high expectations and empower students to drive their learning.
  • Facilitate rigorous instruction that validates and authentically incorporates students’ lived and historical experiences — so that every child succeeds and becomes a socially conscious contributing individual.
  • Reflect the diversity and backgrounds of the students we serve.