School Operations Support

Our school operations support teams impact the success of our students and our schools in a variety of ways. From facility management professionals such as custodians and building maintenance experts, to transportation and food service professionals, we work as one team with our teachers and school leaders to ensure Every Child Succeeds.

Some of our School Operations Support roles include:


Our parents trust transportation to safely deliver their kids to school. These professionals are the first member of Team DPS our kids see in the morning and the last one they see at night.

Building Maintenance

Our buildings are historic city treasures, and building maintenance team members keep these complex learning environments operating in top form.

Food Services

Our kids need nutritious meals to fuel their learning. Our food service workers create and serve healthy meals every day to support students’ health and well-being.


Our kids deserve pristine learning environments, and DPS custodians take pride in the cleanliness of their building and the positive impact it has on our students.

Department of Safety

Keeping our students safe is DPS’ number one priority. Our Safety and Security team members keep our kids, staff and families safe so they can all focus on learning.