Stimulus Funds in DPS

Indoor Air Quality Sensors Funded with Stimulus Funds

Did you know that in order to track the air quality in real time, DPS has placed air quality sensors in every school? DPS was one of two school districts across the country that was invited to the White House! Superintendent Dr. Marrero had the opportunity to address White House officials regarding changes the district has made to air quality in our schools. Hear more about Dr. Marrero’s visit in this video!

If you are interested in learning more, please read this Whitehouse Whitepager or this article in Chalkbeat.

COVID-19 Stimulus Funds Available

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, DPS received stimulus funds from the federal government to help address the impact of the pandemic on DPS students and communities.  We are allocating these stimulus funds in alignment with federal guidance and our own transition priorities and strategies. 

In order to ensure that DPS is in compliance with the legal guidelines for spending federal stimulus funds, we are also accountable to three levels of review by:

  • DPS staff 

  • Colorado Department of Education (CDE)

  • Independent, external auditors

Learn more about how DPS will be allocating stimulus funds in the slides below, which were part of a presentation to the Denver Board of Education on August 23. 

A bright sunny classroom with bookshelves and an abacus

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