Frequently Asked Questions

A: Our system is case sensitive and this might be a reason if you are having problems logging in.

  • If you request a temporary password, make sure you type the new password instead of using the “cut and paste” function.
  • It may help to type your password first and then your username.
  • Do not use the autofill function of your browser.

If that still does not work, please contact our HR Connect team via phone at 720-423-3900 or via email at

A: Our application system is not compatible with browsers including Chrome and Safari and/or Mac computers. We recommend that you use a PC and Firefox as your browser to submit your application.

A: Please make sure your files are saved as a PDF or Word document when possible. If your profile was created before January 2017, please remove all attachments and re-upload to the system. An upgrade was implemented in January 2017 that created errors on all saved attachments.

A: We recommend uploading a resume to your profile in order to avoid having to upload documents with every new application. However, if you are applying for a variety of roles, you may want to adjust your resume to reflect the skills and experience that is required for each unique job. You will be able to use the existing documents associated with your profile and/or upload new files with each new application you submit.

A: You cannot change your applications once submitted, so be sure your profile and documents are correct before submitting. If you wish to change what is listed on your application, you must withdraw the application and resubmit a new one with the updated information.

A: No, if you applied on Indeed it does not automatically transfer your information into our system. You must apply through the DPS job board in order to be considered for a position.

A: The status of your application is displayed below the name of the position you applied to under the “My Applications” tab. You should receive a confirmation via email once your application has been submitted. Not all applications will receive a notification regarding the ongoing status of the position due to the volume of district openings and variations in our processes.

A: As a former employee, you will no longer have access to the internal job board. You will need to use an external profile to apply to positions on the DPS job board.

A: Please contact our HR Connect team via phone at 720-423-3900 or via email at for information about New Hire Paperwork.


If you have additional questions, contact

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