Make a difference for our students

We know every one of our students comes to us with talent, potential and dreams – and developing, growing and encouraging each one begins with a great teacher. Regardless of where our kids live, how much money their parents make, their ability level or the color of their skin, every child deserves a high-quality education led by a teacher who provides excellent instruction, high expectations and unwavering support.

Create diverse and dynamic learning environments

Each of our students brings something unique to the classroom that adds to an enriching education for all. We honor native-language instruction, support culturally responsive education in every classroom and celebrate the diverse heritages and cultures of all of our kids and all members of Team DPS.

Strengthen your craft, develop as a leader and set your career path

We are redefining what it means to have an enriching career in teaching. Through our nation-leading focus on teacher leadership, our innovative systems for feedback and growth, and our unique mix of school and teaching environments, DPS offers educators the opportunity to define their own pathways to success.

Share your voice to transform what it means to be a teacher

We encourage an ongoing dialogue between teachers, school staff and district leaders to together shape how we compensate, recognize, develop and support our educators. Our innovative ProComp system – which has established DPS as a market leader in compensation – is continually enhanced through the feedback and ideas shared by teachers, for teachers.

Employee Referral Program

DPS is committed to hiring the highest quality team members that represent the students and communities we serve. Did you know we find some of our top talent through referrals by people who already work here? We want to make it easy for you to share opportunities and information with your networks - and to reward you for doing so.

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Pathways to Teaching

Regardless of your professional background there’s a pathway to teaching for you. Learn about other programs and pathways to start making your mark today!

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Teacher Leadership & Collaboration

To transform schools we must transform the teaching profession. Denver Public Schools is pioneering hybrid teacher leadership roles where exceptional teachers split their time between teaching and leading adults. Through these roles, DPS is reinventing the traditional school structure – one leader, thirty teachers –by forming a broader school leadership team comprised primarily of Teacher Team Leads. In this model, teachers are organized into strong teams led by a Team Lead.  The Team Lead facilitates collaborative planning time for that group of teachers, and also observes, provides feedback and shares best-practice with each of the teachers on the team, while continuing to develop their own skills as a teacher and leader.  Through this transformation DPS is creating a unique teacher career pathway and shifting the role of a traditional school leader.

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English Language Acquisition – Spanish (ELA-S)

ELA-S instruction is a developmental bilingual program we offer to Spanish-speaking students who are not yet proficient in English. In ELA-S classrooms, instruction in core subjects is primarily in Spanish, gradually transitioning into more English instruction as students become more proficient. This model is based on over 40 years of research, and ensures that English Learners are developing academic language and core content knowledge while building literacy skills in both languages. At DPS, we value all students’ heritage languages and, through ELA-S instruction, our ultimate goal is to help students become fully proficient in English and Spanish by the time they are ready to graduate.

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Guest (Substitute) Teaching

Guest teaching is a popular pathway into the teaching profession. It’s an ideal way for you to gain some real-world experience in the classroom, so you can decide if you would like to pursue additional education to secure your teaching credentials.

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