DPS has recently reached an agreement with the Denver Classroom Teachers Association (DCTA). To see what your pay will look like under the new agreement, we encourage educators to use our updated salary finder. This page is currently being updated to reflect the terms of our new agreement and teacher compensation structure. Thank you for your patience.

ProComp: An Evolving Compensation System

In today’s changing education environment, it is critical that compensation continues to evolve to support tomorrow’s teachers. That is why Denver Public Schools has committed to work with teachers and the rest of its community to regularly evaluate and update ProComp’s performance and ensure its effectiveness in rewarding teachers as they build a foundation of success for Denver students.

The Future of ProComp: Compensation Developed by Community

It’s been over 10 years since Denver voters approved funding to launch ProComp, and, in that time, the ProComp partners have listened to teachers, conducted analysis and analyzed the effect of ProComp on teachers and student performance. As a result of that work, those partners, including DPS, Denver Classroom Teachers Association (DCTA) and Rose Community Foundation, continue to conduct conversations with our educators and our community about what ProComp should look like moving forward.

Teacher and Principals Set a Path for ProComp's Future

As part of these conversations, the partners formed the Design Team, comprised of teachers and principals, to consider potential changes to ProComp. Using the information the Design Team gathered and the ideas they developed, the Team compiled a report that provides a starting point for a broader conversation about how ProComp should support and acknowledge teachers' accomplishments while creating incentives that ensure all students succeed.
Please take a moment to read the Design Team's Compensation and Career Pathways Report.

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Eight Guiding Principles

The Design Team agreed upon eight principals to guide ProComp and continue to progress toward the DPS community's 2020 goals:
1. Opportunities for leadership and increased compensation, including base-building opportunities and bonuses, should be available to teachers throughout their career.
2. ProComp should be easy for teachers to understand and administrators to understand and support.
3. ProComp should attract and retain, with real incentives, effective and distinguished teachers in Hard-to-serve schools.
4. ProComp should allow effective/distinguished teachers to increase earnings substantially without leaving the classroom.
5. ProComp should attract, retain and reward effective and distinguished teachers.
6. ProComp should value professional learning.
7. ProComp should provide a formal and explicit structure for career progression and opportunities.
8. ProComp should be sensitive to whether requirements placed on teachers, schools and district leaders are reasonable. DPS must have systems/practices in place to support ProComp and support teachers in pursuing available opportunities.

One Possible New Look for ProComp

After looking at numerous models, as well as DPS' current compensation structure, the Design Team crafted one possible compensation and career progression framework that creates new opportunities for teachers. It is one potential starting place for further conversation about how these design principles could be applied to ProComp.

The Conversation Continues

Our vision is that every child succeeds at DPS. And ensuring that our compensation system supports and incentivizes the 21st century teacher to help our community reach that goal is imperative. As a result, we continue to listen to voices from educators, thought leaders and community members from across the district as ProComp evolves to match the needs of educators and students.

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Total Compensation

ProComp is part of a Total Compensation system at DPS designed to recruit, retain and recognize great teachers while aligning the vision of DPS to ensure all children succeed.

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ProComp Policy and Management

ProComp’s success has been the result of the unique partnership between DPS and DCTA to ensure ProComp’s policy is not only appropriately crafted but is implemented to provide the support, incentives and recognition for high performing teachers helping every child succeed.

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Find out more about how you can help every child succeed at DPS by becoming a teacher.

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