Compensating, Supporting and Recognizing Great Teachers

DPS has recently reached an agreement with the Denver Classroom Teachers Association (DCTA). To see what your pay will look like under the new agreement, we encourage educators to use our updated salary finder. This page is currently being updated to reflect the terms of our new agreement and teacher compensation structure. Thank you for your patience.

The Support and Recognition You Are Looking For in a Compensation System

You’re looking for a compensation system that supports, incentivizes, and recognizes your efforts to ensure Every Child Succeeds. ProComp, the central component of Denver Public Schools' (DPS) total compensation system, was developed jointly by the Denver Classroom Teachers Association (DCTA) and DPS to do just that. In 2005, Denver voters approved funding for the performance-based teacher compensation system known as ProComp. Since then, it has continued to evolve as the national standard for recognizing teacher excellence by connecting DPS’ 2020 mission, vision, values and priorities to your classroom goals.

Focus Areas Help Educators and Students Succeed

There is no greater in-school factor impacting a student’s academic success than that of their teacher. ProComp, and other components of our compensation system, focuses on four areas in which to recognize your achievements and support you as you help those students who need you the most. Those areas include the following: Student Growth, Market Incentives, Knowledge and Skills and Professional Evaluations. In addition, the Teacher Leadership & Collaboration program provides teachers the opportunity to lead without leaving the classroom. These focus areas have allowed the DPS compensation system to align the goals of the DPS team under a single vision — Every Child Succeeds.

Student Growth: Helping Your Students and Your School

You're a great teacher who is focused on the growth of your students. DPS recognizes teacher successes that lead to student growth on both an individual and school-wide level. Through ProComp, teachers and schools who attain their goals can earn additional compensation on top of their annual salary. Further, what you do in the classroom matters. Accomplishing your classroom goals plays a factor in your Professional Evaluation and potential salary growth.

Market Incentives: Teach Where You Are Needed Most

You are passionate about closing forever the achievement gap. We are too! Under ProComp, we offer teachers like you an incentive to teach in Hard-to-serve schools and Hard-to-staff positions. Whether an English Language Acquisition educator helping Spanish speaking students enter a new language or a math guru ready to support students falling behind, your contribution to children’s lives helps brighten the futures of students struggling with poverty and other outside challenges. In addition to our ProComp incentives, we recently launched two incentives through our Highest-priority Incentives program. Those incentives are helping 1,500 teachers and Specialized Service Providers (SSPs) in our highest-poverty schools. Check below to see if you might be the right fit for one of these important positions.

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Knowledge and Skills: Developing in Your Profession

We believe in encouraging your success. At DPS, we believe your development and growth are integral to helping create an environment that prepares children for success in school and in the work place. Through ProComp, we recognize educators by offering pay increases for new advanced degrees, licenses and Professional Development Units earned at DPS. In addition, we provide tuition reimbursement up to $4,000 over the course of a career.

Professional Evaluation Incentive: Aim for Greatness

You’re a great teacher. And that means learning from your successes and challenges while striving to turn that knowledge into actionable change. DPS' professional evaluation system for most teachers, Leading Effective Academic Practice (LEAP), provides educator with feedback and support so they can continue to learn and grow professionally. LEAP’s multiple measures provide teachers and principals with a comprehensive body of evidence from which they can identify areas of strength, growth and learning. These measures include student outcomes, principal observation, peer observation, professionalism and student perception surveys.

Teacher Leadership: Growing in Your Career While Doing What You Love

As a great teacher, you have a great capacity to lead. Your desire to be a leader, whether inside or outside of the classroom, is valued at DPS. We provide a yearly stipend to teachers who serve in formal teacher leadership roles. Roles include the following: Senior Team Lead, Team Lead, Team Specialist, Regional Team Specialist, and New Teacher Ambassador.

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Compensation Elements Chart

The chart below provides a quick guide to the incentives educators at DPS can receive. Please note Teacher Leadership & Collaboration and Highest-priority Incentives are programs separate from ProComp.

DPS_ProComp_Total Compensation Opportunities updated 2019 01 31

DPS Compensation Comparison Charts

It’s hard to focus on teaching when your bills aren’t paid. For us, supporting your work to create the foundation of success so that every child succeeds means providing equitable compensation. As a result of ProComp, and other elements of our total compensation system, DPS teachers command one of the highest average compensations among school districts in the Denver metro area. Our most recent analysis showed that second year DPS teacher salaries averaged $5,599 more than other selected Denver metro area districts.


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Compensation: Your First Year

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ProComp: Policy and Management

ProComp’s success has been the result of the unique partnership between DPS and DCTA to ensure ProComp’s policy is not only appropriately crafted, but is implemented to provide the support, incentives and recognition for high performing teachers helping Every Child Succeed.

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