ProComp: Policy and Management

DPS has recently reached an agreement with the Denver Classroom Teachers Association (DCTA). To see what your pay will look like under the new agreement, we encourage educators to use our updated salary finder. This page is currently being updated to reflect the terms of our new agreement and teacher compensation structure. Thank you for your patience.

ProComp: A Unique Policy

ProComp’s policy centers on promoting excellence in teaching and strengthening the partnership between educators and principals. In doing so, it has ensured that all DPS educators are working under the umbrella of a common set of goals that focus on ensuring Every Child Succeeds.

Built and tested by DPS and DCTA, ProComp’s design links the following central ingredients to improve student achievement:

• Best practices in teaching and learning
• Tools and data for measuring student growth
• Knowledgeable and motivated professional staff
• Evaluation of teaching practices

Through integration of these ingredients, educators are recognized for their success, supported in their work and incentivized to challenge themselves in their service to children’s education and the future.

ProComp Policy and Management Teams

ProComp’s success has been the result of the unique partnership between DPS and DCTA to ensure ProComp’s policy is not only appropriately crafted but is implemented to provide the support, incentives and recognition for high performing teachers helping every child succeed. The teams below are integral in helping to develop, direct and manage ProComp’s policy.

DPS and DCTA work closely with stakeholders across the district to ensure ProComp supports teachers in their joint vision to see Every Child Succeed. This involves interpretation of and/or modifications to the DCTA Professional Compensation System for Teachers Master Agreement, as well as the ProComp Agreement. Read the current and past agreements to find out more. 

The Transition Team is responsible for ensuring that all ProComp incentives are thoroughly designed and integrated into the District’s operations. The members review recommendations from ProComp work groups and make rules and guidelines as needed to carry out the policy. Read more about this important team.

The ProComp Trust Board members are responsible for receiving, managing and distributing funds raised by the ProComp mill levy. Find out more about the ProComp Trust Board.

The Professional Review Panel is made up of individuals chosen by DPS and DCTA and are responsible for reviewing salary and bonus disputes that are part of the ProComp program. Read more about the formation of the Panel and how to contact it.

ProComp’s Former Structures and Agreements

Discussions with teachers and other stakeholders over the years have allowed DPS and DCTA to continue to negotiate for a compensation system that helps bring a great school to every neighborhood. Read more information about the structure of ProComp during prior contract years.

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A ProComp Timeline

Since its inception in 1999, ProComp has to thank DPS teachers, DCTA, partners and voters for creating a compensation plan that supports teachers’ work to ensure all children succeed.

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ProComp's Evolution

In today’s changing education environment, it is critical that compensation continues to evolve to support tomorrow’s teachers and face its challenges. Find out how ProComp is changing to ensure a great school in every neighborhood.

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ProComp is part of a compensation system at DPS designed to recruit, retain and recognize great teachers while aligning the vision of DPS to ensure all children succeed.

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