Principal Application Process

DPS utilizes a pool process for principal applications. To apply for specific school vacancies, candidates must first apply to our central screening process and screen into the principal candidate pool, linked below.

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Step 1. Online Application

  • A principal’s license is not required to apply
    • Anyone can apply to the principal and AP pool regardless of admin license status because of the Denver Lead Today program. If someone without a license is hired, they will have to complete licensure through DLT. Anyone who applies to the pool without an admin license should be made aware of this commitment and if they don’t hold an active teacher’s license for 3 years or more, they will need to be in DLT for 3 years.
  • Resume
  • Two letters of reference
  • Cover letter that answers the following questions:
    • Why do you want to be a school leader in DPS?
    • What has been your record of student academic achievement? (please give measurable outcomes)
    • What experience have you had influencing adults to achieve significant results for students? (Including but not limited to coaching, mentoring, providing feedback, etc.)
    • What is your experience working with diverse student populations? (including but not limited to race, ethnicity, socio-economic)
    • What is your experience teaching or leading second language learners?

Note: All candidates use Job Code #17207.

Step 2. Phone Interview

If selected, you will be emailed by an interviewer to set up a 20 – 30 minute phone interview.

  • You do not need to have anything specific in front of you
  • Behavior-based interviewing skills

Step 3. In-Person Interview

  • The interview will consist of a group activity around budget, a classroom observation and debrief, a data task, a parent role-play, and a Q&A interview
  • Suggested reading materials: DPS School Leadership Framework and LEAP Framework for Effective Teaching
  • Clearly be able to define your vision for school leadership

Step 4 – Apply to Specific Vacancies

If selected for the Highly Qualified Principal Pool you will be given access to apply to specific school vacancies, which can be found on the external job board and internal job board.

Step 5 – School Based Interviews

If selected for school based interviews:

  • You will hear from the hiring manager
  • The timeline for school based interviews varies by school
  • The school based interview process is unique to each school designed by a committee of stakeholders
  • School based interviews can include a Learning Walk, Community Forum, Assessment Center, Interviews with Senior Leadership

The pool is closed until the Fall of 2017

Principal Openings:

To view the schools’ website, click here.

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